Event Partnerships

Event Partnerships. Event Partnerships. Assignment 1: Event Partnerships Jenny, the owner of Molten Lava, has been approached by an accessories company, Elegenza Accessories, to partner with it for a combined fashion show event since the two companies have complementary merchandise mixes. Since both companies are clients of Starling Fashion Events, they have agreed to combine their resources to create one event. Simone Starling has tasked you with facilitating this show, which will highlight a new bag designed by the creator and owner of Elegenza Accessories but will also feature evening and social wear by Molten Lava. One of the most important goals for the event is to gain attention from the press. You will serve as the fashion show producer and stylist. This is a side project for Molten Lava, in addition to the course project you have been working on, and Jenny, at Molten Lava, is a little concerned. While she wants to work with Elegenza, she thinks it might detract from the big show she is planning. Ms. Starling disagrees and wants you to create the overall plan and justification of the show to convince Jenny that this is a great addition to the bigger event in terms of name and brand promotion and recognition. Tasks Create a 2- to 3-paragraph e-mail in a Microsoft Word document to the event staff, partners, and sponsors, discussing your choice of and explanation for the following: •The theme: Select an appropriate theme for the show. It should fit the target audience outlined in W1 Assignment 3, be media worthy, and relate to celebrity culture. Explain how the chosen theme will touch on each of the above objectives. •The venue: Using the Internet, research venues in Los Angeles. Choose an existing venue for the show. The venue should fit the theme and also be located in Los Angeles. You will discuss how the venue supports the chosen theme. •The partner: Explain how the partnership between the two companies will work and why it is a great fit for these two companies to show their work at the same event. Make sure you use MLA format to cite references and use correct grammar, language, and word choice. Deliverable •Name your document AI_FMMA203_W2_A1_LastName_FirstInitial.doc. •Submit your document to the Discussion Area by Saturday, November 19, 2016. Review and Critique After posting your own assignment, begin commenting on the work of your classmates. By Tuesday, November 22, 2016, in this Discussion Area, review two of your classmates’ submittals and provide detailed feedback on their choices of: •Theme •Venue •Partner Critically evaluate whether or not their choices will help meet the objective of the show. Each response should be a minimum of 150 words. Information, comments, and conclusions should be supported by your research and sources. Comments should include at least two of the following: •Questions regarding the content of the assignment •Observations regarding the content of the assignment •Additional research to enrich and advance the discussion •Constructive feedback to assist classmates with improving their work Vocabulary and topics from the text and lecture should be used to support your discussion, and sources should be cited in MLA format. Make sure you answer all the questions posted by your instructor and classmates and that your responses are honest, clear, and concise. Always use constructive language, even in criticism, to work toward the goal of positive progress. Assignment 1 Grading Criteria Maximum Points Content Submitted a Microsoft Word document containing a 2- to 3-paragraph e-mail. 5 Selected an appropriate theme for the fashion show. 5 Explained how the theme is appropriate for the target audience, is media worthy, and relates to celebrity culture. 5 Correctly chose a venue for the show in Los Angeles. 5 Discussed how the venue supports the theme. 5 Selected a retailer for partnership and justified the choice by detailing how the partnership will help meet the objectives. 5 Format Used Microsoft Word with double-spaced lines and 12 point font, keeping 1″ margins on all four sides. Used standard rules of English spelling, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, syntax, and sentence construction to communicate ideas and opinions explicitly and clearly in writing. 5 Cited sources using the correct MLA format. 5 Participation Commented on at least two classmates’ assignments with specific remarks within forty-eight hours of the assignment deadline—by Tuesday, November 22, 2016—using at least 150 words for each response. 5 Ensured that the comments included at least two of the following: •Questions regarding the content of the assignment •Observations regarding the content of the assignment •Additional research to enrich and advance the discussion •Constructive feedback to assist classmates with improving their work Used vocabulary and topics from the text and lecture to support your discussion and cited sources in MLA format. 5 Total: 50


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Event Partnerships

Event Partnerships

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