Evaluation of a UNHCR Australia Website

Evaluation of a UNHCR Australia Website. Evaluation of a UNHCR Australia Website. our task is to provide a short preliminary report (1000 words), scoping the strengths and weaknesses of the site, and suggest potential improvements.

Analysis and evaluation

You will need to establish the organisation’s audience and purpose in your introduction. You can use the site’s “About Us” page to help you.
In the body you will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the site in achieving their purpose – including:
• Meeting its audience’s needs for information
• Presenting their work as effective and valuable
• Engaging and inspiring their audience to support them
• Providing an attractive and easy to navigate site. 

You need to make sure your evaluative report is clear and concise. You will evaluate 2-3 potential improvements that arise from your scoping, and conclude by arguing for 1 or 2 of them. You then recommend 3-4 actions to implement your selected potential improvement/s.

Purpose and Use
Advocacy organizations use websites to promote the work they do and raise awareness of the problems they are combatting. They are also used to garner support. Your objective is to evaluate the site and suggest ways to improve them. 

All the research material you need is on the given website. You may have to do some outside investigation to help you decide on your Recommendations.

Use only the site address as listed for that website to focus your report and recommendations. This is a short preliminary report so your evaluation is limited to:
• an evaluation of the purpose and audience of the site – you can use their About Us page for this
• an evaluation of the homepage and the range of resources it links to ( link below)
• an evaluation of a specific project page(link below)

Refugees – Australia for UNHCR

Home page:https://www.unrefugees.org.au

Project page: https://www.unrefugees.org.au/emergencies/current-emergencies/refugee-crisis-in-europe#overview


You need to use formal report style and structure with headings and a two-tier numbering system.

Your report should include:

• an Executive Summary
• an Introduction covering scope, objective, purpose and use of the report. It should also include a brief outline of the service and its objectives. Indicate what you believe the objectives to be, from the way the website is presented.
• an Evaluation of the website, including key issues, strengths and weaknesses that either help or hinder the website in achieving its objectives.
• an Evaluation of 2-3 potential improvements to the website having identified its purpose
• a persuasive Conclusion, arguing for the implementation of at least one of your improvements
• 3–4 Recommendations outlining actions required to implement your improvement/s. Your recommendations should provide clear strategic directions for the organisation i.e. they should clearly indicate what actions the organization should take in order of priority.
• Appendices (optional)
• Reference list

Word Count – 1000 words
As the reports need to be collated into a longer report you need to keep to the limit of 1000 words. The word limit does not include the Executive summary, Table of Contents, appendices or reference list.


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Evaluation of a UNHCR Australia Website

Evaluation of a UNHCR Australia Website

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