ethnomusicology playlist

ethnomusicology playlist. ethnomusicology playlist.

1. Please create an account (or use your old account) on spotify to broadcast the songs (criteria 3), and then provide me the link.
2. Please make sure to use academic sources for this paper and do the proper MLA format citations
3. Please give a special/attractive title for the paper like “A cultural takeover” (this is from my classmates), something unique from your own.
4. Firstly, the format for this paper should be similar to my listening notes which provided by my professor. However, this paper has to be a full paper that with an instruction paragraph needed that to write an overview of the chosen genre. This can be about half page long (However, it is not restricted to the length for the introduction. If you need to write more to clarify/introduce the genre, it is fine too). Secondly, for each songs, the notes should be regarding its musical characteristics and social or cultural context. Make one song per each paragraph just like the professor’s listening notes do. It’s about 50 words notes per song. Definitely there are lots of information for every song, but due to the words count limits, please write the most important facts relate to the song.
5. I have uploaded one of a week’s listening notes from my professor below so you can have an idea on how to write the notes for each song. The name of the profile is “wk3_3”
6. Also i have uploaded two sample papers from my classmates on the profile page. Please note that these two sample papers are students’ work so they are not one hundred percent right, so please still focus on the guideline of doing the paper. These sample paper are meant to give you a clearer idea for the paper format so make sure no plagiarism from the sample papers.
7. I am not sure whether the paper needs a concluding paragraph or not because i don’t see it in my classmates’ papers. However, since it is somehow like an analyze paper, so i will send an email to confirm with my professor and i will let you know it as soon as possible. You can work on the paper first.
Please let me know if you have other questions. Thank you.
8. There are no specific requirement for the number of the sources need, but i think definitely there will be some sources used when you search for the important facts/impact/information for the songs when writing the notes.


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ethnomusicology playlist

ethnomusicology playlist

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