Ethical issue in sport

Ethical issue in sport. Ethical issue in sport. Each student will separately identify a specific current ethical / social issue or event that relates to your assigned topic.(MY TOPIC:”Sport Specialization”.) Issues or events can come from scholarly articles, television, newspapers, magazines, or online sites. Be sure to correctly cite the reference(s) using APA style. Once you have identified an example of a current issue that falls under the general ethical/social area I assigned, complete the following:

Post a 2-4 page paper covering the following points:

Summarize your example and demonstrate the application of class material with the topic/study.
Explain various views of how the issue or event could be judged (ex. Why is it controversial? From what perspective i.e. right/wrong, good/bad, authentic/unauthentic?)
State your own opinion or stance on a particular topic. (ex. Do you agree with how your example was handled? How would you handle the situation? Should there be controversy surrounding your example? How could this type of situation be avoided in the future?)


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Ethical issue in sport

Ethical issue in sport

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