Essentials of public health

Essentials of public health. Essentials of public health. The following case should be analyzed through the lens of the various theories, principles, and methods that have been discussed in class or outlined in required course articles/readings.
Formatting Guidelines
Case-analysis papers should meet the following criteria:
• 3 – 4 double-spaced, typed pages
o A title page and an outline are not required. Front matter (that is, title page, outline) as well as a bibliography do not count toward the total number of pages
o Times New Roman font, 12 point size
• Left and right margins no larger than 1 inch; top and bottom margins no larger than 1 inch
• One citation style which is consistent throughout the paper
• First page header should include the following:
o Upper-right-hand corner should include participant’s name, course title, and date o Below the date, centered, the title of the paper
• Subsequent page headers (at the top) should include the following:
o Last name of the participant at the right margin o Page number at the center
o Full or abbreviated title at the left margin
• Paper saved with a .doc or .docx file extension
o First and Last name of the participant should be in the file name o FirstLastPublicHealthMidterm.doc
• Additional Instructions
o Each paper should contain the following sections (in this order):
§ Reason for the case
§ Summary of the case
§ Relevant public health Principles and Theories § Analysis
§ Recommendations
Grading Rubric
The instructor will grade papers in the following areas: • Formatting
o Is your paper formatted according to the guidelines above?
• Citations and references
o Are all your sources cited? Did you use the appropriate style format?
• Relevance to course
o Is your paper demonstrative of a public health course? Are you addressing issues related to public health?
• Organization
o Are your sections clearly labeled? Does each section address the appropriate subject matter?
• Coherence
o Are your sentences structured properly? Do your arguments follow logically?
• Accuracy
o Did you use public health theories and principles appropriately? • Comprehensiveness
o Have you addressed all the public health issues in the case? Does your paper reflect material covered in the course?
Reason for the Case:
[Put a statement here describing the reason(s) for the case.]
Summary of the Case:
[Summarize the relevant details of the case here. After reading this section, the reader should have a good sense of the public health-related facts and what issues are apparent in the case.]
Relevant Public Health Principles and Theories:
[Define relevant public health principles and theories (using course materials) that one might appeal in order to resolve issues from the case. Two principles/theories (terms) must be used from each chapter (Chapters 1 – 6). No outside research is necessary. This section should provide comprehensive definitions in complete sentences.]
[Analyze the public health principles (described above) in light of the case. This section should relate directly to the previous section. (How and Why are the terms defined above relevant to the resolution of this case.) For example: “Outcomes is a relevant public health principle in this case because the plan to cut obesity rates should focus on…”]
[Provide recommendations in the form of action items, points of consideration, and/or suggestions for resolution of the case. These recommendations should follow logically and coherently from the analysis in the previous section (that is, the reader should easily recognize the rationale for these in the previous section).]
The obesity epidemic in the United States is a major public health concern. It is especially worrisome in the southern United States. Upon his election to the governorship in Mississippi, John Popular, decides that tackling the obesity epidemic in his state is going to be his top priority.
As a result, Governor Popular meets with a local mayor, Mary Burger, whose city shows especially high rates of obesity. Mayor Burger explains to Governor Popular that food is a way of life in her city, Calorietown, which has approximately 25,000 residents. She is unsure of how to change unhealthy eating habits, curb large cultural gatherings centered on food, and improve education practices in Calorietown, which does not have a public health department. Governor Popular suggests they hire a public health consultant to examine the issues and explore ways the city and state may work together to form a program to cut obesity rates in Calorietown. The governor expresses a desire to have this program eventually go statewide.
You are hired as the public health consultant and fly immediately to Calorietown, Mississippi to begin your assignment. Upon your arrival, you notice Calorietown has a high rate of fast food restaurants and little green space. The city’s only high school has been forced to cut physical education and sports programs due to budgetary issues. Most of the high school’s students are employed at the numerous fast foods restaurants in the city. Most of the city’s adult population works for Retail Giant USA’s regional call center. The median income of the city is around $40, 000 and most residents do not go on to college, preferring to stay “in the best city in all of Mississippi” as one resident recently told you.
The governor and mayor ask you for a preliminary report on how to begin addressing the obesity epidemic in Calorietown. What would you include (by way of recommendations) in this report?


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Essentials of public health

Essentials of public health

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