Essay Proposal

Essay Proposal. Essay Proposal. We are asked to submit an essay proposal plan before we go ahead with working on it. 

Task: Analyse the importance of children’s out door playing and specifically “playing with nature” with a critical analysis on its theoretical and historical roots. 

Theoretical and historical roots: Froebel’s theory of children’s out door play and playing with nature (1782-1852). 

Reason for topic choice: nowadays there is a lack of children’s play with nature (the wild i.e. trees, rocks, sand, mud, rivers, animals, and many more) compared to what Froebel used to encourage long time ago. 

You can use other theories that talk about outdoor play to critically engage with them along with fireball’s theory. 

Please write an essay plan with “references” on each point you mention. 

The essay should first introduce the concept of outdoor play and playing with nature for children. Second, it should analyse its historical and theoretical roots of mainly Froebel’s work and including other prominent theories that discuss the same idea to critically analyse its historical theoretical developments. 

Provide a page with references to be used for the essay to show that I am aware of the literature on this topic and theory (books, articles, archives). I will attach a page with some references for you to include as they were provided by our lecturer. Please add more sources from your research. 


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Essay Proposal

Essay Proposal

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