Essay Grading and Rubric

Essay Grading and Rubric. Essay Grading and Rubric. Objective: Develop a draft essay in response to the ASCE Daniel Mead Topic essay question. This should
be a full draft of your essay (i.e. fully developed essay and very close to the final content).
Essay Grading and Rubric
 Format (15 pts) – paper meets all requirements.
 Spelling and punctuation (10 pts) – use spell-check and proofread for proper punctuation.
 Grammar (15 pts) – try to use Word’s grammar check but do not always believe it. Consult CEE
Style Guide.
 Content (50 pts) –make sure you have a clear, concise thesis statement and a well-organized
essay. Your paper will suffer if your topic is too broad to focus. Good writing takes time so be
sure to give yourself time to make revisions.
 References (10 pts) – include at least 3 references from a journal or other acceptable source.
Sources must be cited in the ASCE format in the CEE Style Guide (see note below). You can use
the references from the “Essay Plan” assignment.
 Plagiarism will result in a grade of 0 for the assignment.
Include a cover sheet with your name and essay title. Do not submit in a binder or other covering. The
essay is limited to five (5) pages maximum (not including references or cover sheet). The following
format elements are required:
 Double spaced text.
 Apply “Continuous Line Numbers” to the draft (an option under “Layout”)
 Times New Roman eleven (11) point font.
 One inch page margins.
 Numbered pages (on the bottom).
 One staple in the upper left corner.
Typical Problems
1. No coherent logical development. Pay particular attention to comments on your essay plan
about clear writing. Have a friend read your essay for flow. It is often helpful to read the
material out loud. If English is not your native language, have a native speaker listen to you.
Consider making an appointment with the teaching assistant. Explore the resources PSU has to
help you improve your writing at
2. Not following format requirements.
3. Not following ASCE reference format guidelines


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Essay Grading and Rubric

Essay Grading and Rubric

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