Environmental Threat Symposium Presentation.

Environmental Threat Symposium Presentation.. Environmental Threat Symposium Presentation.. As written in the instructions: "For the final laboratory periods of the semester we will have an ‘environmental issue symposium’ where you will present a 10-15 minute presentation, using PowerPoint slides to educate the class about the scientific explanations, remedies, and pitfalls associated with your issue. Because we all have broad and diverse interests, there is great flexibility in the topics you can choose; however, I do require that you research your topic well by considering peer-reviewed primary literature that you will in turn incorporate into your presentation"

So, write a 10-12 min presentation on an environmental issue that negatively affects the environment and ecosystems. Be sure to to look over the grading scale attached and to explain what’s going on, before outlining the damages to the ecosystems, the major factors contributing for damages (all explained), potential solutions, and potential problems with the solutions. Be sure to look at everything that’s attached as it includes other presentation made before to get an idea of what’s required (Don’t copy). It is best to include an animal that’s negatively affected from the issue!

The topic could be:
1)"The environmental effects of dams on the Nile River"..you can start with the geography and countries with the Nile running in them, what a dam is and the different dams on the river…etc as introduction, then explain the different issues following the format in the instructions above.. It is best to Include how a certain type of fish or any living organism is affected by the dam. (I think this will be the most interesting!)

2)"The Amazon River deforestation effects on (name animal)"
The same applies here, and it also doesn’t have to be on the river amazon, as long as it’s deforestation (One of the presentations attached is similar to this, change the animal if you decide to do this.)

3- a topic of your choice.

Once you decide on the topic, send me a message! Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!


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Environmental Threat Symposium Presentation.

Environmental Threat Symposium Presentation.

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