Environmental Science College leve

Environmental Science College leve. Environmental Science College leve. There will be 6 short videos that you will watch and then answer questions on. The doc. has them in order so each video has its own questions

For this assignment, you will watch a series of videos explaining concepts in evolution and natural selection. These videos are based on a series produced by PBS in 2001 and are available on YouTube at the links below.

Before starting, download and save the assignment worksheet (Assignment 07 Evolution.docPreview the documentView in a new window) follow the instructions, and type your answers in the space provided. Save your work and then upload it here.

Video 1: Isn’t Evolution Just a Theory?


Video 2: Who Was Charles Darwin?

Video 3: How Do We Know Evolution Happens?

Video 4: How Does Evolution Really Work?


Video 5: Did Humans Evolve?

Video 6: Why Does Evolution Matter Now?

And the doc will be below. After watching each video fill out the doc. or you can type your answers for each just label each video above your answers so I can see what they are.


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Environmental Science College leve

Environmental Science College leve

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