Environmental Management Accounting

Environmental Management Accounting. Environmental Management Accounting. Please forward these instruction to the new writer :


You should prepare a literature review addressing the following question:

1. Examine the need for Environmental Accounting

2. Evaluate critically how Environmental Management Accounting can support the objectives of Environmental Accounting. In order to illustrate the second point on Environmental Management Accounting (EMA), you should select two specific EMA techniques and analyse how they contribute to EA.

Please use these 2 EMA techniques:


ABC allocates internal costs to cost centres and cost drivers on the basis of the activities that give rise to the costs. In an environmental accounting context, it distinguishes between environment-related costs, which can be attributed to joint cost centres, and environment‑driven costs, which tend to be hidden on general overheads.

Within the context of environmental accounting, lifecycle costing is a technique which requires the full environmental consequences, and, therefore, costs, arising from production of a product to be taken account across its whole lifecycle, literally ‘from cradle to grave’.http://qualityuniversitypapers.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=83221&action=edithttp://qualityuniversitypapers.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=83221&action=edit


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Environmental Management Accounting

Environmental Management Accounting

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