Emergency management and homeland security

Emergency management and homeland security. Emergency management and homeland security.

Please find one item of interest that has an application to City of Los Angeles in reading & materials. In a half-page, please accomplish the following:

Identify what the item of interest is, and why you found it interesting. It could be a system, a statistic, a creative application of Social Media, etc.
Identify how the item could be applied to benefit the emergency management program of your jurisdiction. For example, it could improve situational awareness with internal staff, communications with the public, etc. The application does not have to be earth-shattering and new, but should at a minimum bring show a thoughtful application to address a jurisdictional need.
This assignment will be challenging because the LIMIT IS ONE PAGE. The goal here is to get straight to the point! A half-page is ideal and sufficient for this easy assignment.

This assignment should include a reference to where you found the item of interest.P(1)

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Emergency management and homeland security

Emergency management and homeland security

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