Embarking on the Journey

Embarking on the Journey. Embarking on the Journey. MODULES 1 AND 2 OVERVIEW AND FACILITATION GUIDES




Module 1: Embarking on the Journey



  • To understand the essence of a research problem
  • To comprehend how to formulate a research problem
  • To understand the types and content of a research problem

Module Overview

A research problem is essential in defining the subject to be studied in explicit, succinct and concise terms. It is a statement pertaining to a specific area of concern, a situation that needs improvement, a question that is extant within the scholarly literature either in theory or practice and that signifies the necessity for deliberate investigation (Alvesson & Sandberg, 2011). The research problem statement serves three important purposes. First, it is the part that informs the reader on the significance of the topic of study. In essence, the reader is inclined to understand the importance of the study and the research questions that the study tackles. Second, the research problem statement facilitates in contextualizing the problem to be studied and defining the parameters to be investigated. Finally, it creates a framework that is used for reporting the results as well as the findings of the study.

Module Facilitation Guide Notes

  1. Ask the students to develop unique research problems for their capstone projects. The research problem ought to be inclined towards addressing a particular issue linked to health care administration. It is also important that you post announcement that contains detail advice to students on how to construct their research problems. You may also share relevant examples from already published journals.
  2. Ask the students to derive a topic from their personal or professional experience that is intriguing enough to lead to conducting research. The topic may be linked to the current internship, previous work in another course or employment. The instructor will provide feedback that will facilitate the refinement of the research problems.



Alvesson, M., & Sandberg, J. (2011). Generating Research Questions Thrpugh Problemization.

Academy of Management review, 247-271.


Module 2: Needs Assessment


  • To understand what a needs assessment entails.
  • To understand how to conduct a needs Assessment.

Module Overview

A needs assessment entails inquiring from a group of people what they deem to be the important needs of that group (Berkowitz & Nagy, 2015). The ensuing outcomes can then be considered as a guide in future endeavors. Researchers may conduct the needs assessment in an informal way through asking around people known in the group. They may also conduct it in a formal way where professionally written survey can be mailed to several people.

The needs assessment is conducted through a step-by-step approach. Pertinent questions have to be answered and then a schedule to allocate time to the necessary activities prepared. It is also appropriate to decide on the size of the group that will be used for collecting the views of the needs assessment survey.

Module Facilitation Guide Notes

The needs assessment will be conducted after the students have identified their research problem that they desire to study. The specific needs will be identified as well as the populations that will be affected.

  1. Ask the students to describe the affected populations and their particular needs in their proposal. It will be necessary for students to discuss the difficulties encountered while developing the project draft in this section.
  2. Ask the students to provide an overview of the problem and impact of the outcomes, procedures and policies. This activity has to be done after successfully selecting the issue in the health care administration in module one. Additionally, the students should identify the population that is affected and the target audience of their study.


Berkowitz, B., & Nagy, J. (2015, June 8). Conducting Needs Assessment Surveys. Retrieved from Community Tool Box .edu: http://ctb.ku.edu/en/table-of-contents/assessment/assessing-community-needs-and-resources/conducting-needs-assessment-surveys/main


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Embarking on the Journey

Embarking on the Journey

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