Effective Management of Workforce Diversity

Effective Management of Workforce Diversity. Effective Management of Workforce Diversity. IMPORTANT – You find all instruction on Uploaded file “PME Assignment” – follow instruction form the FILE!! 

You have been hired as a consultant to advise a business organisation of your choice on the benefits or otherwise of effective management of workforce diversity. The senior management has asked you to prepare a report and PPT slides for presentation to the Executive Board. 

You are required to prepare a Written Presentation Paper which should include;
1. An Academic Report 
2. A maximum of 10 Power Point Slides with notes for presentation purposes. 

a) Task 1-Academic Report- 1500 words 
Your report should examine critically, the business case for effective management of workforce diversity. 
Include the following sub-titles in your academic report;
1. A title page
2. An introduction
3. Discussion and analysis
4. Conclusion
5. Recommendations
6. References 
7. Bibliography
Diversity – Discuss Critically (Analyse), Choose Organisation as example (Organisation which had diversity issues). You should critically discuss how Managers can develop skills – get competitive advantages. Analyse Advantages and Disadvantages of Diversity.


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Effective Management of Workforce Diversity

Effective Management of Workforce Diversity

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