Education in sociology

Education in sociology. Education in sociology.  

Please read all instructions.

This essay is meant for you to link your personal experiences with the theories presented in class. You must pick a topic that interests you.


This assignment is not meant to be an autobiography. It is an exercise where you attempt to explain a phenomenon with your personal experience and the theories learned in class. Do not conduct interviews or participant observations in order to collect data for this paper. You do not have ethical clearance.


As a whole, this is a reflexive exercise where you analyze something meaningful to you. Your essay can also be transformative, where you present possible solutions. Through it all, you must display a good grasp on the theory. It is not sufficient to simply quote a definition in your paper, the concepts from the class must be used consistently throughout the paper.


Essay Instructions: You must use at least four articles from the course syllabus and three external sources. External sources are to be from academic journals or books (no Wikipedia etc.). If in doubt, please ask. One way to find sources is to think about what types of articles have interested you in class and look at their bibliographies. Beside the scholarly citations feel free to use news articles and other sources to support and contextualize your work.


The essay must be double spaced, using 12pt Times New Roman font, and 1 inch margins. In addition to the 79 pages of text, exclude a reference page. Make sure all the sources in your essay are in your bibliography and vice versa.


Essay Structure: A good essay is clear and to the point. It has an introduction that draws the reader to your topic and introduces your research question/argument /hypothesis/thesis. Make an argument, you want to ensure that the reader has a clear understanding of where you stand on the issue and the steps you will take to prove your point. In the body of the paper you want to explain concepts pertinent to your topic. The rest of your paper develops your argument by providing evidence (from other authors, examples etc.) in support of your argument. Make sure you provide a conclusion. The conclusion can be a way for you to sum up what you have argued as well as to make recommendations for change.  



I will evaluate your paper with the following criteria

  1. Paper follows all directions
  2. Paper is clear, organized and well written.
  3. Paper engages with class themes/discussions. This is key. I cannot know if you understand a concept if you do not explain it to me.
  4. Paper has clearly articulated arguments. Avoid being descriptive.
  5. Proper citation of sources. I do not require you to use a specific citation style. However, if you use the work of someone else, please give them their due credit. You also need a reference page.
  6. Work must be original and cannot have been used in another course.p(8)

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Education in sociology

Education in sociology

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