Economic Data Analysis Report

Economic Data Analysis Report. Economic Data Analysis Report. Using the results from Parts 1 and 2, write a one-page report that informs the company about which supplier to choose for the upcoming contract. Again, you can choose the current supplier or one of the three competitors. Here is a list of items you should include in your discussion.

What is the situation? (Remind the reader why the report was written)
What is your decision? (You must choose one of the four options, and make it clear)
Why did you choose this supplier?
Support your choice with results from the previous parts of the project (i.e., describe your evaluation).
Do you believe the competitors’ claims? (Note: from part 2, you should have found that their claims are valid; see Chapter 7.4 if you did not arrive at that conclusion.)
Is there something unappealing about switching to a competitor?


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Economic Data Analysis Report

Economic Data Analysis Report

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