Determinants of Firm Performance on NASDAQ 100

Determinants of Firm Performance on NASDAQ 100. Determinants of Firm Performance on NASDAQ 100. This is a research paper for undergraduate study year 3 in the UK, which is the final year of undergraduate level study, the whole structure could just be divided into Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Literature Review, Data and Methodology, Results, Conclusion, References and structure of the paper, details are in the additional materials.

The requested source of data is from Bloomberg, and only if it is very very difficult for you to collect, then you could change the data source. Also, NASDAQ 100 is better, but if you cannot do it, you could change it to FTSE 100, for example.

The whole process is very simple, you use SPSS software to run the regression model for linear analysis, which includes one dependent variable and several independent variables, firm performance is the dependent variable, you could choose like return on asset (ROA), return on equity (ROE) or Tobin’s Q to measure the firm performance, the independent variables should be 8-9 variables, including CEO duality for corporate governance, debt-to-asset ratio for leverage, current ratio for liquidity, and so on, you need to consider many aspects of the potential determinants for firm performance.

The data you need to use is the panel data, NOT time series data, NOT cross-sectional data, you collect the data in the excel, adjusted it and open it in SPSS for analysis, there are five assumptions also need to be diagnosed, multicollinearity, Autocorrelation, Linearity, Heteroscedasticity and Normality, that is all!

The literature review is important because I need you to help me to find at least 12 good academic articles as references.

At the end, I want you to give me four documents, the word version for the research paper, the excel for the raw data, the SPSS data file and the SPSS output file.

Assessment criteria is attached, I want a good mark (ie. above 70%), money is not the problem and you just follow my guides to do, I think it also save a lot of time for you, if you have any questions, you can contact me by email!


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Determinants of Firm Performance on NASDAQ 100

Determinants of Firm Performance on NASDAQ 100

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