Critical Conversations

Critical Conversations. Critical Conversations. Becoming culturally responsive starts with showing genuine caring that recognizes the unique gifts and talents of every child, particularly when that child doesn’t look like you.
—Zaretta Hammond, contributor to the Teaching Tolerance Organization (2013, February 8)

Today’s early childhood professionals are operating in a much more diverse world than those who have come before them. Whether the diversity is racial, cultural, economic, or related to sexual orientation and/or familial differences, professionals must not only recognize and respect but also seek to understand the unique context of each child with whom he or she works. Part of this journey involves replacing mainstream ideas of how things ‘are’ or ‘should be’ with culturally responsive practices that are enhanced by home-school relationships.

In this Discussion, you again engage in critical conversations, this time focusing on the concepts of culturally responsive practices and the use of published literacy programs.

To prepare: Review this module’s Learning Resources. Then, select from the following the topic that most resonates with you. Last, conduct additional research to find two articles for and two articles against the topic you have selected.

Published literacy programs for all young children or literacy education philosophies (for example, whole language vs. phonics)
National literacy standards (for example, Common Core)

By Day 3 of Week 11

Post the following: Employ the critical conversation approach to explain your perspective on the topic. Then, analyze and share insights from the articles both for and against your topic. Justify your post with specific references to the resources you have found, and include the citations for each of your sources at the bottom of your post.

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Critical Conversations

Critical Conversations

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