Country Notebook Outline 2

Country Notebook Outline 2. Country Notebook Outline 2. CULTURAL ANALYSIS


The data suggested in the cultural analysis include information that helps the marketer make market planning decisions. The information is more than a collection of facts. This material should attempt to interpret the meaning of the cultural information as it applies to product and market analysis.


  1. Introduction

Include a short profile of the company, the product category, and that country in which   you are planning to market.

  1. Brief discussion of country’s relevant history

III.        Geographic setting – impact on culture

  1. Location
  2. Climate
  3. Topography
  4. Social Institutions
  5. Family
  6. Nuclear and extended
  7. Dynamics of the family
  8. Parental roles
  9. Male and female roles
  10. Education
  11. The role of education in society
  12. Literacy rate
  13. Political Systems
  14. Political structure
  15. Stability of the government
  16. Participation in global organizations
  17. Legal Systems
  18. Code, common, socialist, or Islamic-law country?
  19. Attitude towards foreign nationals
  20. Social Organization
  21. Social classes
  22. Race, ethnicity, and sub-cultures
  23. Common business customs and practices





  1. Religion and aesthetics
  2. Major religions and other belief systems
  3. Aesthetics
  4. Visual arts
  5. Music
  6. Performing arts (ballet, theatre, etc.)
  7. Folklore and other relevant symbols
  8. Living Conditions
  9. Diet and nutrition
  10. Housing
  11. Types of housing available
  12. Do most people own or rent?
  13. In single-family dwellings or in larger groups?
  14. Clothing
  15. Recreation, sports, and other leisure activities
  16. Health care

VII.       Language

  1. Official language (s)
  2. Dialects?
  3. Prevalence of English

VIII.      Buying Behavior

  1. Price sensitivity
  2. Retail preferences
  3. Accepted practices


  1. Executive Summary

After completing all the above sections, prepare a 1-page summary of the major points and place it in front of this section. The purpose is to give the reader a brief glance at    the critical points of your report. What aspects of the culture should the reader know          prior to doing business in this country?


  1. Sources of Information


  1. Appendices




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Country Notebook Outline 2

Country Notebook Outline 2

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