Tesla the car

Tesla the car. Tesla the car.

1. Explanation a. What it does b. How it works. 2. Counterargument a. Similar product b. Why yours is better. 3. Your own experience a. Why you like it b. Your ease in using it
about tesla the car

Recommendation Speech Assignment

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Recommendation Speech is to identify a product or item that you believe others should use or try. Your goal is to convince your audience members of such.

TOPIC: All topics must be cleared with your instructor. It is up to each instructor to determine what is and is not appropriate in his or her class. For this speech you will need two main points. The first point will be an explanation of the product, what it does, how it works, and how it is better or more reliable than similar products (the counterargument). The second main point should be devoted to explaining your own experience in relation to the product, why you like it and the ease with which you have been able to use it.
When choosing your topic pick a product or item you are familiar with. This will go a long way in terms of convincing your audience.

Audience Response: Audience members will be asked to rate how convinced they are about this product after the speech. A ranking of 1-5 will be assessed – 1 being not convinced at all and 5 being completely convinced.

DELIVERY: You should be delivering your speeches from a keyword or speaking outline. Some instructors may require you to deliver your speech from notecards; others may ask that students use a sheet of paper to deliver the speech. Make sure you are clear on the number of notecards and/or sheets of paper you are allowed to use when delivering your speech based on what your instructor has told you.

1. The speech should be 3-5 minutes in length. (minus 3 points for every 15 seconds over/under the time limit).
2. The topic is appropriate for the assigned general purpose
3. A minimum of three sources should be used to provide adequate supporting material -These sources must be cited in the delivery of the speech as well as on a reference page. You should also cite any additional sources you use. -Encyclopedias, dictionaries, Wikipedia, CDROMs and other general reference materials may not be used. -Only two sources may come from the Internet. -At least one of the sources must carry a publication date within the last 12 months. 4. Two copies of your full-sentence outline (typed) must be submitted. If the outline is not typed, you will not receive credit for the outline. Most instructors require that you e-mail them one copy of the outline and bring another copy of the outline to class. If you fail to submit an outline then 20 points will be deducted from your speech grade. Please note that all outlines become part of the Department of Communication and Journalism’s speech files.
5. A copy of the bibliography/reference should be attached to your outline. We use APA style for source citation.
6. A PowerPoint Visual Aid using Assertion-Evidence Design to point out aspects or functions of the product/item.

TIPS: Remember the following make for excellent types of supporting material:

Make sure you review the grade sheet your instructor has posted for this assignment. It includes all the necessary elements of your speech and should serve as your guide/checklist to what you should include in your speech. Don’t forget to pan out and show me your audience before you begin speaking.

Tesla the car

Tesla the car

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