Contingency Theory: Situational Leadership

Contingency Theory: Situational Leadership. Contingency Theory: Situational Leadership.

FORMAT: 1- The D1, D2, D3, D4 I want you to change it to be in the bottom of the picture and change the direction of it as the picture I will posted to you. ( let it face the left side)
2- change please the color to ( ORANGE, GREEN , BLUE AND PINK ) same the picture that I will post for you.
3- in S3 change please ( lets talk, D3 decides.” ) to ” Let’s talk, followers decides.”
4- in S2 ad a period to ( lets talk, leader decides.” )
5- in S4 change ( D4 decides.” ) to ( follower decides.”
6- just capitalise the first letter in the sentence check S1 please and fix it
7- the sentence should be in the organize lines as all the S1 , S2, S3 , S4


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Contingency Theory: Situational Leadership

Contingency Theory: Situational Leadership

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