Construction project proposal report

Construction project proposal report. Construction project proposal report. Some clarifications for the Commercial Management Assignment

George Blumberg

This is a simulation study where the student is expected to take on the role of an advisor to a client who is both the developer and owner of the site.

  1. The main task for the student is to present this prescribed version of the development brief.
  2. The granting of planning permission is a potentially uncertain process with no guarantee of an absolute outcome. However, for the purposes of this assignment, we can assume that obtaining planning permission for either end use will be granted.
  3. The text “Figure 1” at the bottom of Page 1 should read “Figure 2”, The original plan sketch, which be found at the top of Page 2.
  4. The sketch was produced by an architect some time ago as part of the Strategic Definition phase.
  5. The basic quantities for the development are based on the office building design.
  6. Approximate dimensions length, width and height can be derived from the tables on external area and from the drawing. Exact dimensions are not critical for this exercise.
  7. The architect produced only a simple layout is not very simplistic. Is it possible to have a section in two directions of the building?
  8. We assume that the planning consent for the conversation will be granted including the parking, environmental codes and change of use. The development meets the criteria required by the planning authorities.
  9. Although the main contactor has not been chosen yet, the client has authorised this study.
  10. The section, Specific Requirement, shows that this assignment is open ended and request students to face the challenges imposed.
  11. There’s a large number of reasonably direct sections, but it requires that you development strategy for construction, development appraisal and cost budget, schedule of build, financial detail, estimate of profits, cash flow curve, revenue forecast, energy conservation measures and so on, strategy for Future-Proofing and building configuration plan to 2 or 3 story’s, development options, adoption of BIM system.
  12. The above task is interesting and challenging. I look forward to fulfill the requirements.
  13. 50 parking space were allocated in part due to planning restraints and preliminary feedback from the City. It is anticipated that additional space could be added as some later point if a suitable argument was presented.
  14. We require dimension to calculate the rentable area. Unless we floor space ratio factor and multiply it by the gross area?
  15. Of course the floor space efficiency ratio will vary subject to its final use.
  16. From expected annual income from rental, can we charge “service charge’? if so what rate can we use?
  17. From parking options, the table indicates basement? Please clarify.
  18. From initial estimates of building costs, for the professional fees, the table states “see note”. Please provide us with the note if required.
  19. Financial Viability calculation. The table states Land purchase from month 1. Why? Is not the Client , site owner and the developer the same? Unless the exercise would like us to consider the value of the land into our calculation for which we could assume average market value.p(7)

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Construction project proposal report

Construction project proposal report

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