Civil engineering, construction management

Civil engineering, construction management. Civil engineering, construction management.

Running Head: Composites for ceilings and flooring



Development of new composite materials for tiles and ceilings




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Disposal of plastics and other agricultural solid wastes has been a major problem in various parts of the world. Most of these wastes can be recycled by various means and methods and come up with new products for various applications in the construction industry. Currently, extensive research has been carried out on the development of wood plastic composites. It has been shown that plastics can be combined with sawdust, which is a byproduct of wood, to come up with a composite material that has different and superior properties than the parent materials. Most of the existing literature on this subject has focused on plastic and sawdust composites. This is an indication that emphasis has been on reusing of the wood byproduct and plastics to develop composites. Furthermore, in terms of application of these composites in construction, a lot of emphasize has been put on the sawdust and plastic composites. These composites have been used widely in outdoor flooring.

More than 50 million tonnes of agricultural wastes are produced and disposed annually in various parts of the world. Research has shown that most of these wastes have fibres which are equally strong to wood sawdust and therefore can be used in development of plastic composites. Some of these fibres include straw, flax, sisal, oats, papyrus, raphia, rice husks, pennywort and kenaf.

Macadamia, also known as macadamia nut, bush nut, bauple nut, maroochi nut, or Queensland nut, is a genus of four species of trees indigenous to Australia. These nuts are commercially produced in Australia, Brazil, Kenya, New Zealand, and Columbia. The shells of the macadamia plant have been reported to have potential properties of structural applications. This project aims at developing a plastic-macadamia composite from recycling discarded (waste) macadamia shells and plastic solid wastes.

This is a new idea since nobody has developed this composite. A method, which is new, for processing and fabrication of the composite into tiles and ceilings will be developed in this research. By this way, the project provides green and eco-friendly solutions in the construction industry. Furthermore, the project solves the problem of plastic and macadamia shell disposal.


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Civil engineering, construction management

Civil engineering, construction management

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