Conceptual-Theory-Empirical (C-T-E)

Conceptual-Theory-Empirical (C-T-E). Conceptual-Theory-Empirical (C-T-E). Please see attach file sample Writing in the voice of your chosen theorist “ Abdellah’s theory” describe the Conceptual-Theory-Empirical (C-T-E) structure process you used in creating your theory? Be sure to provide paragraphs between each process to promote clarity as you respond fully to this topic question So, let me break down C-T-E: Each study encompasses 3 major elements that make up the conceptual -theoretical-empirical (CTE) structure The conceptual model -C- a set of relatively abstract and general concepts and propositions about human beings, environment, health, and nursing (metaparadigm) The middle range theory -T- one or more relative concrete and specific concepts and propositions about a phenomenon identified by a conceptual model The empirical research method-E- the research design Middle range theories: inductive or deductive Descriptive theories- Descriptive research Explanatory theories- Correlational research Predictive theory- Experimental research So, how will you write your response Paragraph 1: C- identify your model through the lens of the metaparadigm Paragraph 2: T- identify your model by name and how it addresses a specific phenomena- such as “caring” for example Paragraph 3: E- identify its application as inductive or deductive and how it as applied in research as descriptive, correlational or experimental (you will need to look through the library to identify studies- be sure to identify them both as a citation and within your reference listing)


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Conceptual-Theory-Empirical (C-T-E)

Conceptual-Theory-Empirical (C-T-E)

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