complete a document on the system requirements and d

complete a document on the system requirements and d. complete a document on the system requirements and d. This coursework will require you to complete a document on the system requirements and design of the TESCO Online Shipping System (see the details below), which must follow the guidelines below:

Well structured document style

o Front page with proper title, name, date,
o Content page with chapters and their starting page numbers,
o Page numbering,
o Introduction which describes objectives of the document,
o You should not include any non-relevant statements, pictures and should not use any
fancy fonts.

Contents of the document

o Introduction which briefly describes objectives of the document,
o Write Event table to describe the business activities for the system
o Schedule Gantt Chart
o Context diagram
o Level0 data flow diagram
o Entity Relation diagrams

Well-Analysed Requirements

o You may use any form to state business activities for the system you captured.
o All entities and their attribute-values should be stated,
o All flow of information should be clearly stated,
o You should not mention any implementation details.

System Design

Data flow diagrams (context, and level0) based on business activities 
for the system above and drawn by MS Visio.

Entity Relationship diagrams to represent the data storage requirements for the TESCO Online Shopping System, including the attributes mentioned.

TESCO – Online Shopping

TESCO Company sells its products to customers using the Internet. The general public can browse the catalogue of products contained in an inventory file. To make a purchase a new customer will enter their name and address and personal email profile. The internet user is invited to register as a customer by creating a username and password for further use of the system. The customer may proceed to add items to a shopping cart. At any point the customer can view the shopping cart list and amend its contents. When the customer is satisfied with their selection of product they will check out the order. If the customer has previously purchased goods then the system will display their credit card details and offer the customer the option of amending the card details or accepting the current details. If the customer has not previously used their credit card then they are requested to enter the card details. When the user confirms the purchase the system will create a customer order and issue their credit card details to a third party organization to validate the credit card account and process the payment. The system will send a copy of the customer order to shipping department who will fulfill the purchase and dispatch the goods to the customer.


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complete a document on the system requirements and d

complete a document on the system requirements and d

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