Competency and Credentialing

Competency and Credentialing. Competency and Credentialing. Readings:

The two pages I have uploaded for you to read. 

1. What are the three types of professional credentialing discussed in the text? Briefly describe the distinctions among them.

2. What are some of the arguments for and against professional credentialing?

3. In your first job after graduating from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, your supervisor asks you to lead a therapeutic group. You have never led a group or worked with one, although perhaps you have had some coursework about the use of groups in helping. What options could you suggest to your employer to help you respond to this task in an ethically sound manner? What other steps could you take to ensure that your practice is within your qualifications? 

4. Indiana – see this website for all licensed professions: Click on “Professions” on the left-hand side of the page. Then look around in this website to answer these questions: What are the four professions whose licensure is administered by the Behavioral Health and Human Services Licensing Board? What other major helping profession we have studied in this course is licensed in Indiana, but has a separate licensing board?

5. Read Attributes of a Profession, written by the sociologist Ernest Greenwood in 1957, and the brief introduction to this classic piece of writing. After reading the article, choose a profession that you are interested in or somewhat familiar with– or perhaps something that will become a profession in the future.


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Competency and Credentialing

Competency and Credentialing

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