Should colleges treat students as learners or customers

Should colleges treat students as learners or customers. Should colleges treat students as learners or customers. 1. follow the assignment requirement file, 2. you must use my sources,( use at least 5 sources, check sources files). you can find new sources if you want to.
3. You can have the attitude of neutrality on this topic
4. use one of outside sources to do HW3 part. (check assignment requirement file)

Assignment 4

Background and Purpose: We have been discussing consumerism and bringing attention to how we spend our money and why. One of the biggest expenses people your age have is college tuition. For this paper, we will read and think about your role as a “consumer” of higher education. This research project is an opportunity for you to explore a topic related to these issues and write about your findings.

You will choose some aspect of this issue and write a research question to guide your search for readings that represent different voices on this issue. Using your research and, if you choose, your personal experience with this topic, you will write a paper synthesizing what you have learned.

You will have a choice of how you want to narrow this topic. Here are some suggestions, but feel free to come up with your own related idea.

• Marketing to potential students (you can use what you learned in your ad analysis)
• Comparing college tuition in the US with another country
• Student as learner or customer? What is the difference?
• Is college worth the money? Is it a wise investment?
• Should tuition in the US be free for everyone?
• Are US universities taking advantage of international students?

Your audience for this paper is educated members of the general public.

Part 1: You will develop your research question and begin the process of gathering sources on the area of your choice. You will prepare an annotated bibliography of the sources you will use for your paper.
Part 2: You will write a 1000-1300 word research paper.

Resources: You must appropriately use and cite at least five sources in the text of your paper. You must use at least 2 readings from the assigned class readings and three others from your own research. Of these five sources, at least three must be text-based. You may also use sources such as infographics, videos, audio clips, or interviews.

Grading Criteria for the Paper

? The content of the paper clearly conveys the concepts to the reader.
? The introduction establishes a clear context for the reader, illustrating the importance of the research.
? The writer explores the issue from multiple angles.
? Essay contains evidence of the writer’s own strong critical thinking about the sources.
? The paper shows the author’s own analysis of the sources he/she used.
? The author summarizes and paraphrases objectively from sources using his/her own words.
? The sources used in the paper are reputable and reliable.
? The conclusion sums up the evolution of the writer’s thinking and explains his/her new opinion or understanding of the issue.
? Proper in-text documentation is included where necessary (statistics, facts, assertions).


? The author demonstrates his/her ability to write in an academic style
? The paper shows logically organized development of the writer’s thoughts, opinions and research process
? The organization allows the reader to see the synthesis among outside sources and the writer’s emerging position.
? The language used is concise and direct.
? There is descriptive and varied vocabulary.
? The writing style is consistent throughout.
? There is guiding language to provide transitions from one idea to the next within and among paragraphs.


? The paper is appropriately formatted
? The author has at least 5 citations from 5 different sources in the text of the paper
? The references page is correctly organized and corresponds 100% with the in-text citations
? The grammatical errors are few and do not interfere with understanding.
? The reference style is correctly and consistently applied throughout the paper.
? The paper is at least 1000 words long, and does not exceed 1300.

Reflection Memo

Format/Specifications: Write this as a short essay with several well developed paragraphs. It should be 250-300 words long (longer is OK), double-spaced. Begin with your name, word count, and a descriptive title. It should also be spell-checked, proofread, and edited.

Task: For this paper, you wrote a well-developed research paper. In your reflection memo, you should discuss the process you went through to write this paper, starting with brainstorming and discussing, in-class workshops and revisions you made. You may find the following questions helpful. Do not feel that you need to answer all of them (except the last question, which is required for everyone) or in this particular order, and you may add other ideas not covered below.

• Please describe your writing process, specifically address what you did to pre-write, draft, revise, and edit your paper. How was it different from your other papers?
• Did any ideas from the readings particularly help you? If so, which one(s)? And how did they help?
• Are you pleased with your choice of topic?
• What was your prior knowledge of this topic, and how specifically did this impact how you wrote your paper?
• If you could spend more time working on your paper, which section would you work on and why?
• What writing or grammar skills did you develop or practice through writing this paper?

HW 3 Text Analysis

Now that you’ve read the assigned readings and chosen sources that are appropriate and relevant to your topic, it’s time for you to analyze one of your outside sources. Do not use a reading from the class reader on Smartsite.


Choose 3 words from this article that are keywords or important words to know for this topic. For each one, write:

• The sentence or part of the sentence from the article with the word highlighted
• The part of speech as it is used in this article
• A dictionary definition that fits its use in this article

Text Analysis Questions
Use complete sentences and edit before you submit it.

1. What do you know about the author of your source? Write 2-3 sentences about
the author(s).

2. What other sources are cited? Are these credible sources? How do you know?

3. What is the main idea of your source?

4. What ideas support the main idea?

5. Which ideas/arguments do you agree with? Why?

6. Which ideas/arguments do you disagree with? Why?

7. Which ideas might you cite in your paper? Pick 2-3 ideas. Will you use direct
quotes or paraphrase that information? How will you explain the author’s idea(s)
to your audience? In other words, what do you want your reader to understand
from that piece of evidence?

Should colleges treat students as learners or customers

Should colleges treat students as learners or customers

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