Compare and contrast the maps

Compare and contrast the maps. Compare and contrast the maps. 1.    Read pages 446-447 of Chapter 11 in the textbook discussing the United Nations. Compare and contrast the maps in Figure 11-1 (pg.410) and Figure 11-4-1 (pg.446). How might or should these changes impact the United Nations? Explain.

2.    While certain technological advances have supposedly caused the world to "shrink," how have these same technologies contributed to the ever-widening gap between the "haves’ and "have-nots?" Explain your response.

3.    What is a Natural Resource? What are the importance of Geological and Energy Resources”, how would the world be in 2050?

4.    Is global warming an affect of human activity, or, is it a part of a natural climate cycle? Explain your position.

5.    Are "developed" or "undeveloped" countries in danger of running out of food? However, if you take a closer look, one needs to also ask which countries are projected to see the largest increase? Will countries with lower levels of affluence, but an abundance of desirable crops that grow naturally, suddenly stop exporting in order to feed the locals? And vice versa, Will countries that have to rely on importing most or all of their food be shut out in a food shortage crisis.

6.    Importance of Assimilation and language


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Compare and contrast the maps

Compare and contrast the maps

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