compare and contrast research paper

compare and contrast research paper. compare and contrast research paper. For this assignment, you will write a 1,200–1,500-word Research Paper that compares and contrasts specific sections from 2 literary works written by 2 different authors. These sections must be read closely for a shared theme/idea/motif/style that says something important about British literary history.
1. Write an essay that compares and contrasts a literary work written in the Victorian Period with one written in the twentieth century. The purpose of this thesis is to demonstrate that you know the difference between nineteenth- and twentieth-century works, and you will do this by exploring one aspect. I chose Break, Break, Break by Lord Alfred Tennyson and Do Not Go Gently into that Good Night by Dylan Thomas.
2. Research an important topic about the selected works, and use at least 4 secondary scholarly sources plus the primary text (story, poem, play, essay, etc.) that address the topic. Including the Annotated Bibliography is not necessary. In addition, you may have new sources based on continued research. Websites are not allowed. – four secondary sources. Sources must not be “www” publications; they must be credible, reliable sources, including books, eBooks, and articles published in reputable journals
***Here is my thesis statement and summary:
THESIS STATEMENT: The Victorian lyric poem Break, Break, Break by Lord Alfred Tennyson and the poem Do Not Go Gently into That Good Night by Dylan Thomas share the common theme of death, yet depict the impact of death on each individual in very different ways.
MY SUMMARY: In the poem by Tennyson, the death of his friend had basically immobilized him with grief. He is frustrated with his inability to express the depth and magnitude of his sadness which has led him to become isolated. On the other hand, author Thomas defiantly challenges death and urges his father to fight his impending death and to resist it to the very end. He is passionately expressing to his dying father and anyone who is listening to have a more dynamic attitude toward dying with a kind of “Carpe diem” tone. The two poems show quite a stark contrast in the way we as human beings allow the inevitability of death to impact us and our reactions to it.


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compare and contrast research paper

compare and contrast research paper

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