Community/ Color purple/ Heat of the Night

Community/ Color purple/ Heat of the Night. Community/ Color purple/ Heat of the Night. Instruction

Often times today, we see a strong sense of community in movies and TV shows. Sometimes this is an accurate reflection of reality, and other times it differs. At the same time TV and movies can be both very culturally influential and reflective.

For your course project, you will create a PowerPoint presentation exploring the reality of TV and movies as they relate to the reality of community during a particular time period. This will be conducted similar to how you would give a presentation in class. However, since there is no “in class” portion to this course, you’ll need to provide detailed notes to accompany your PowerPoint project.

Here is a preview of what will be expected in the course project:

Part 1 Introduction (Title Slide)
You should include a title slide with the title, your name, class, etc. This section should be 1 slide.

Part 2 (Describe the era):
Choose one era (for example: 1980s). Provide a brief history on this time period and present some possible issues that might have been present during this time period as it relates to various aspects of community covered in this course. This section should be 3-4 slides with notes.

Part 3 (Choose a TV series or movie):
Next choose a TV series or movie from that same time period that either represents what you previously found, or not. This section should be 1-2 slides with notes.

Part 4 (Make those connections as they relate to various aspects of community):
In what ways does the film describe an accurate depiction of community during this time period? In what ways does it differ from reality? Remember these can be urban communities, political communities, it can relate to multiculturalism, dissent, or other areas/topics related to community. You should include as many different aspects of community as possible. This section should represent the bulk of your project and should be 6-10 slides.

Part 5 Conclusion (Wrap up your project):
This section should summarize the important findings in your project and include a conclusion. This section should be 1-2 slides.

Part 6 References (Be sure to include at least 5 references to support your project) that should be compiled on a reference slide.


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Community/ Color purple/ Heat of the Night

Community/ Color purple/ Heat of the Night

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