Communication Strategies – The importance of empathy in the workplace

Communication Strategies – The importance of empathy in the workplace. Communication Strategies – The importance of empathy in the workplace. In the workplace, empathy can show a deep respect for co-workers and show that you care, as opposed to just going by rules and regulations.’ (Pressley, D – ‘The importance of empathy in the workplace).

You will need to do research in order to complete this task. This means finding three (3) appropriate academic resources (text books, academic journals, and university / college materials). ONE of the sources is shown under each topic. You must locate that source plus TWO other sources. Do NOT use Wiki-type resources. You must not use any materials on the Portal and/ or class notes. The resources must support the points you write about. You will also need to do the following:
Use the Harvard Referencing Method. This means using BOTH direct and indirect quotes, plus a matching reference list. The reference list should be on the last and separate page
The resources must not be older than the year 2000 and one of them must be the source quoted in the question. 
Resources must be written in English and NOT translated from any other language
Do not over-use resources. In other words, do not just copy
Use full sentences and paragraphs – NO point form
Check your word use/ spelling, punctuation and grammar
Use an academic style of writing. Use third person, no slang, no abbreviations etc.
The word count includes citations but not the reference list
Use an appropriate essay format. This includes a brief introduction, 3 move paragraphs and a conclusion
You must do the following:
Your essay must be typed
Use 11 or 12 Arial or Calibri Font
Use 1.5 or 2.00 line spacing. Press ‘Enter’ twice between each paragraph
Use a block style, that is, wider left hand margin, but also leave space on the right hand side; leave approximately 3 cm at the top and bottom of your assignment
Use clear, white paper and a black printer cartridge in good condition. Work that cannot be read will not be marked.
Single-sided printing only
Use page numbers. This does not include the Assignment Cover Sheet 
Write the word count at the end of your assignment, before the reference list, at the bottom left hand side
Fill out the Assignment Cover Sheet in black or blue pen (available on the Portal) and attach it to your assignment
Put your name and number on the Marking Guide and attach it to your assignment – last page. *Read the Marking Guide. It shows students how marks are calculated. 
All corrections must be made on the computer and not in pen
Unstapled work is NOT acceptable. A plastic cover sheet is optional
Plagiarism and Collusion
Plagiarism and collusion are academic offences. If no citations and/ or no reference list are used, a 0 mark will be automatically recorded. Marks will also be deducted for ‘missing’ references and/ or misuse of citations. If referencing is poor, heavy penalties will also apply. 
You must also avoid collusion. Note the following:
This is individual work
You must NOT use a Google translator. Write your essay in English
You must NOT use outside help, family, friends and/ or tutors
You must NOT use essay cheat sites
Collusion will also lead to loss of marks or even failure. Either plagiarism and/ or collusion may be reported!
It is highly recommended that you read and use the following:
A Short Guide to Essays (Introductory Section of the Portal)
Research information (same section)
A Guide to Referencing (in the AS – Academic Skills Section on the Portal)
Learning Skills Adviser
It is also highly recommended that you attend the Learning Skills Advisers’ Workshops and seek their help with your assignment. Do NOT wait until the last minute to get help.
Submission must be in printed form. It is recommended that you print out two copies of your assignment in case of loss. Make sure that you save your assignment electronically in at least two places. Failure to do so could result in a heavy loss of marks.
Late work
As per the Deakin College policy, 10% penalty per day applies to late work including weekends. Given that this task is worth 20% and that you have been given several week to complete it, this work should NOT be late. Start your work EARLY, including doing the necessary research, planning and organising. Print EARLY and allow plenty of time for proofreading and editing.


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Communication Strategies – The importance of empathy in the workplace

Communication Strategies – The importance of empathy in the workplace

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