Communication between mother and baby with Down’s syndrome

Communication between mother and baby with Down’s syndrome. Communication between mother and baby with Down’s syndrome. The titles for 27 resources that I found them, and I will add all of them in my request.
1. Cognitive stimulation of pupils with Down syndrome
2. Communication-deficits-in-infants-and-toddlers-with-developmental.
3. Disabilities_2011_Research-in-Developmental-Disabilities.
4. Effect of congenital heart defects on language development in toddlers with Down syndrome.
5. Advancing imitation and requesting skills in toddlers with Down syndrome
7. Is-the-good-imitator-poor-talker-profile-syndrome-specific-in-Down-syndrome-Evidence-from-standardised-imitation-and-language-measures_2011_Research-i
8. Language and verbal short-term memory skills in children with Down syndrome: A meta-analytic review
9. Promoting language development for children with Down’s syndrome
10. Relationship between gestures and words in children with Down’s syndrome and typically developing children in the early stages of communicative development.
11. Communicative gestures and vocabulary development in 36-month-old children with Down’s syndrome.
12. Comparison of social engagement of children having disabilities with their mothers and fathers.
13. Development of early vocal behaviors and interactions in Down’s syndrome and no handicapped infant–mother pairs.
14. Developmental course of the temporal relationship between gaze direction and vocal production in typical and Down’s syndrome infants.
15. Does fetal screening affect women’s worries about the health of their baby?
16. Down syndrome and breastfeeding.
17. Face-to-face emotion interaction studies in Down syndrome infants.
18. Calretinin-lmmunoreactive Hypoinnervation in Down Syndrome (DS): Report of an Infant with Very Short-Segment Hirschsprung Disease and Comparison to Biopsy Findings in 20 Normal
19. Infants and 11 Infants with DS and Chronic Constipation.
20. Maternal responsivity in mothers of young children with Down syndrome.
22. Repair of Complete Atrioventricular Septal Defect in Infants with Down syndrome: Outcomes and Long-Term Results.
23. Requesting and Verbal Imitation Intervention for Infants with Down syndrome: Generalization, Intelligibility, and Problem Solving.
24. The Affective Response of Down’s syndrome Infants to a Repeated Event. #####
25. The meaning of infant emotional expression regularities in caregiving responses in normal and Down’s syndrome Infants.
26. Vocalization and looking behavior of Down’s syndrome infants.
27. Women’s responses to young infants’ cries


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Communication between mother and baby with Down’s syndrome

Communication between mother and baby with Down’s syndrome

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