Club Management

Club Management. Club Management. ou are the general manager of a private country club. Mrs. Smith invited three guests for lunch in the club dining room. They had a wonderful meal with exceptional service. Mrs. Smith is a fairly new member of the club, and this is the first time that she has invited guests to dine. Mrs. Smith is excited to give her guests a tour of the club after lunch because they have not seen the facilities. As they embark on their self-guided tour, Mrs. Smith notices that the rest of the clubhouse is not being maintained as well as the dining room facilities. She is embarrassed in front of her guests and begins to apologize and make excuses for the poor conditions. As they are walking, stacks of chairs are piled throughout the hallways, making it difficult for the women to tour the facility. On several walls in the main hallway, the women notice that the paint is in desperate need of refreshing; there are scuff marks, wine stains, and areas of the walls where the paint has chipped. As they enter the grand ballroom, there is a noticeably large stain in the middle of the carpet. Mrs. Smith and her guests leave the building and part ways. As Mrs. Smith arrives home, she reflects on her experience. Even though she enjoyed her dining experience, her experience was ruined with the tour. She decides to call the general manager, whom she has never met, to voice her concerns. You, the general manager, answer the call.

As Mrs. Smith voices her concerns, how do you as the GM respond?
Who is directly responsible for the items in question? How do you act on the information received?
As the GM, should you discuss this situation at the committee or board level? Why or why not?
If you were the GM of a public country club and this same situation occurred, would you respond differently? Why or why not?
Mrs. Smith and her family have an equity membership and are golf members with full privileges to all amenities. She has said that if the situation does not improve, she will consider resigning her family’s membership. Explain the structures of equity and nonequity memberships. Provide examples to support your explanation.


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Club Management

Club Management

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