clothing and human behavior

clothing and human behavior. clothing and human behavior. Use your textbook, as well as internet and other resources to develop a paper that responds to the following questions:

1. Define dress and discuss any 3 theories of dress: social learning theory, role theory, and one other theory.
2. Based on one or more of the theories we learned discuss how people from different religions dress, give relevant examples. Use one theory from question one to answer this question.
3. How does understanding the multicultural attributes of various consumers allow you to be a better businessperson for working in the world of fashion, apparel and clothing? Discuss in 5 ways.
4. Search on the internet and identify clothing pictures for at least 5 different religious groups across the world. Copy the pictures and paste them in your word document. For each picture indicate the religion.

textbook required to use is:
Miller-Spillman, K. A., The meanings of dress (3rd ed.).

use three other resources


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clothing and human behavior

clothing and human behavior

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