Close Reading Assignment

Close Reading Assignment. Close Reading Assignment. Length: 2 pages, Double-spaced, One-inch margins, Times New Roman font, Size 12
Title: Come up with a title for your close reading (in the same size font)

Write a close-reading response to the following passage from Aristophanes’ Lysistrata:

Commissioner: Men have been known to age, as well as women.
Lysistrata: No, not as well as—better. 
A man, an absolute antique, comes back from the war, and he’s barely doddered into town before he’s married to the veriest nymphet.
But a woman’s season is brief; it slips, and she’ll have no husband, but sit out her life groping at omens—and finding no men.

Guidelines to organizing your response:

A) What do you think is the point of the passage? (What theme does it develop? What thematic question does it raise? Etc.)
[Short introductory paragraph with a thesis statement]

B) How is the passage making this point? (Analyze specific aspects of the language of the passage.) 
[The majority of the paper]

C) Why is this passage important to our understanding of the work as a whole? How does it fit into the greater message of the narrative?
[Concluding paragraph]


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Close Reading Assignment

Close Reading Assignment

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