climate change action plan.

climate change action plan.. climate change action plan.. This assignment asks you to use what you will learn about sustainability, resiliency and climate change indicators and through your own research to analyze a municipal (city) government’s climate change action plan.

Part 1:

Find and review a municipal climate change action plan. As an example, the website for the climate change action plan for the city of Berkeley, California can be found ( )

(do not use this one for the assignment):

Part 2:

Write an essay (2500 – 3000 words, using at least four properly cited sources) addressing the following questions

1. What is the definition of a sustainable indicator, and how is it different from a typical urban indicator?

2. Describe the sustainability indicator program you choose

3. What are the indicators that were used, and why do you think the municipality chose those particular ones?

4. How would you evaluate the effectiveness of the chosen indicators?

5. What changes could be made to improve the program, and why do you think they would help?


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climate change action plan.

climate change action plan.

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