Classmate Response

Classmate Response. Classmate Response.
Expound on my clasmates answer to a discussion question below:

Decide whether or not mobile computing and wireless computing are synonymous. Provide at least two (2) reasons to support your assertion and justify your response.

Mobile computing and wireless computing are not synonymous. Mobile computing deals with portable devices whereas wireless computing deals with mobile devices, non-mobile devices and traditional computers. Mobile computing is able to provide network to various areas and is able to prevent issues that are associated by technical problems or network reception. Wireless computing however provides network both at fixed points and can be portable too.(Agrawal &Zeng, 2015)

According to (Agrawal &Zeng, 2015), mobile computing, the mobile devices usually have its own internet known as cellular network. The cellular networks are built in the mobile devices, thus they can access the Internet. Wireless computing however is a network that is used by fixed devices that do not have a built in Internet access. An example of fixed devices are laptops. A laptop does not have a built in Internet access thus it uses a wireless network to access the Internet.

Give your opinion on whether or not mobile and wireless devices have contributed to the rise in social media activity. Next, determine at least two (2) ways that business organizations use mobile technologies to become more efficient, productive, and profitable. Support your response.

I agree that mobile and wireless devices have contributed to the rise in social media activity. Mobile devices like the mobile phones, tablets and laptops are very portable and most social places and public places have installed wireless networks. This has made so many people be able to access social media. Mobile devices also can use cellular networks which is another way of supporting social media activity. (Agrawal &Zeng, 2015)

Business organizations have made use of social media by marketing their products on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. This initiative have made them acquire more markets, identified the products their customers love and they have also introduced more products that their customers have been able to request from them. As shared by (Hanna, Rohm &Crittenden, 2011), through social media, competition have been identified and the business organizations have been able to earn more profits by subsidizing their products and gaining more customers.

Through mobile technology, organizations have been able to support networking and communication between their employees and their customers.the employees of the organization can be in a position to download applications or web based programs that enable them to communicate with their customers and within themselves. This is efficient, productive and profitable to the organization because they can solve issues arising in the company or with their customers. They can also make more profits through satisfying their customers, providing a variety of products and providing better services (Hanna, Rohm &Crittenden, 2011).


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Classmate Response

Classmate Response

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