city of Seattle

city of Seattle. city of Seattle. The City as Character: Video Assignment #2

Specifics: Black and White or Color with three soundtracks and text. 4-6minutes in length. You may work with a partner on this assignment.

Seattle is a city of neighborhoods. You will focus on a particular neighborhood in Seattle. You will do research on-line and in person. You will need to go to at least one of the archives in Seattle—Seattle Municipal Archives, Washington State Archives, Wing Luke, King County, University of Washington Special Collections, or visit archives in your neighborhood. You will refer to at least 2 sources from the archives about your chosen neighborhood.

Questions to consider–Has it been gentrified or is being gentrified? Who lives there? Who has lived there? Has redlining occurred? What kinds of stores are and/or were there, and who (shops) and/or shopped at those stores? How did the neighborhood evolve? What is the community make up like then and now? My Brooklyn film screening in Week 5 should give you lots of ideas in approaching this topic. What connections can you make with this neighborhood with other neighborhoods you have lived at?

*The neighborhood I choose is Bothell in WA. Do some researches then write an essay. you can pick up a short audio track from archives,that would be better. Consider the question above and answer it. Building some personal connection to bothell city.(I work with a partner in this assignment. We both International student and we are student of University of washinton Bothell campus. I will use this essay as voice over in my video. let me know if you have any questions.

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city of Seattle

city of Seattle

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