Citizen Legislators in Nevada

Citizen Legislators in Nevada. Citizen Legislators in Nevada. Citizen Legislators in Nevada

Theres many disadvantages and advantages for being a citizen legislators. For instance, the benefactors of having citizen legislators in Nevada lead to efficiency in an executive legislative body, a well balanced decision to make proportionate decisions, ensures better citizen representatives, it’s also a easier way to address problems and encourage participation among citizens. Which in this case, seems an ideal way to have the the citizens voices and ideas to get through in the government. On the other hand, there are some issues to be dealt with that we need to look at as well. For starters, theres misplaced trust among the citizens and the reps. because other than representing ‘us’ and what hear our voices, some may have hidden agendas that favor themselves. Theres also the personal needs of the representatives that are convenient for them rather than the citizens.Making them not serve their jurisdiction. Along with that, it also encourage the reps to become deceptive, establishes more focus on majority, and hold no elected officials accountable.


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Citizen Legislators in Nevada

Citizen Legislators in Nevada

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