CITC12 Policy paper proposal

CITC12 Policy paper proposal. CITC12 Policy paper proposal. CITC12 Policy Paper Proposal Instructions


Researched and applied your own perspectives on local government through a policy research paper. For this paper, you will have the option of reviewing an existing policy that relates to local government in Canada, or examining a possible or planned policy. The specific policy is up to you, but should deal with one of the themes or topics addressed by the course


The policy may be specific to one municipality, or address a concern that runs across many municipalities. It may also involve other levels of government. However, the focus should remain on municipal or local government.


This is a potentially wide-reaching scope, but it also gives you freedom to examine an issue that you find particularly compelling or interesting. Topics may include voting reform, transportation planning, housing, fiscal reform, etc. The goal is to avoid being too specific (eg: adding a bike lane to Bloor Street), or too general (eg: developing a national housing policy).


You will submit a short proposal (no more than 500 words). Here, you should include 1 or 2 paragraphs outlining the policy you wish to examine.


You should also discuss at least three scholarly or professional sources (journal articles or book chapters). For each source, briefly summarize the main arguments or finding s and discuss its relevance to your topic (no more than one paragraph per source). Please include citation information for each source.


As well, be sure to include a 1or 2 paragraph discussion of what your position (or even a possible thesis statement ) might be, given what you have read or learned so far.


The 3 components of your proposal:

  • Definition/explanation of policy
  • Discussion of at least 3 relevant sources
  • Your own position



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CITC12 Policy paper proposal

CITC12 Policy paper proposal

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