CIA in Iran

CIA in Iran. CIA in Iran. In Reviewing another classmates work:
Review the Primary Source then you should address the appropriateness of the source, the strengths and weaknesses of the source, and any potential problems with the source and/or the context in which it will be used in the paper.

*Thesis statement: “The Central Intelligence Agency’s involvement in the beginning years of the Cold War positivley influenced the United States and it’s policy decisions. By practicing the art of espionage, the Agency assisted in the prevention of a war that had the potential to have devastating effects.”

**Their input on the Primary source to their research paper: As I suspect many of you have done, I have narrowed my topic down somewhat; based on feedback from Professor Thomas and my peers. Attached is a primary source I found recently declassified by the CIA. It is a letter constructed by the CIA (acting as an Iranian advocacy group) to the Iranian people. Great example of propaganca and civil ops type warfare. I will use it to argue that the CIA was completely invested in defeating communism in the post passive aggressive way during the Cold War. The letter specifically discusses the Soviet Tudeh party and the alliance it had with prime Minister Masaddeg. Feedback or thoughts?


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CIA in Iran

CIA in Iran

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