Child Labor

Child Labor. Child Labor.

The essay must provide information not covered in the textbook which deals with that subject. For instance you could provide additional information that evaluates the changes in the status of women in the workplace since the Civil War. Once you identify a topic, you must read the corresponding section within your textbook and then formulate a thesis statement. Your thesis statement offers what you plan to do with your topic, what contributions you will make to the subject. For details on writing a thesis statement.
Sources: You are required to use your textbook and a minimum of two articles. The articles will have to come from any refereed sources within Galileo, JSTOR, PROQUEST or EBSCO. No other sources will be acceptable. The student must demonstrate what each article (or author) contributes to the subject matter that Henretta, Edwards & Self do not. That means you must read and summarize in your paper the views of Henretta et al say on the subject and then proceed to add the contributions of the two other articles you have chosen for your work.
Formatting:Your essay must be at least 2 full pages (top to bottom) long or about 1000 words (12 pt font, 1 inch margin and 1.5 spacing).
The essay must contain all of the following components or will be considered incomplete.

Introduction which does ALL of the following: states the purpose of the essay; frames the era (Post-Civil War, Reconstruction etc.) by providing pertinent dates for the subject; provides a solid historical background moving from general statements about the subject to increasingly more specific ones; introduces the authors or articles you will be using in your paper.

Thesis Statement
The thesis statement should come after the introduction.

A methodology that states why you selected only those sources that you did, why are they relevant to your subject matter. Therefore you cannot just say “the textbooks” or “the articles were very important”, that’s too vague). You must be specific and must explain how each source was helpful.

Body of Evidence

A body of evidence, this is main part of your essay and it is where you defend your thesis by referring to several major aspects of the articles you selected explaining how they contribute to your topic and you must cite material to back up your assertions. Please do not use block quotes. You should paraphrase but must include a citation in every paragraph because no information in your paper should be treated as common knowledge.

A conclusive summary that briefly reiterates your main points, but more important, your own thoughts and opinions about the topic you and articles you had chosen.

A valid and well written bibliography

Your paper should be written in an MLA format.

I rented my text book online, its America: A Concise History, Volume II

In addition to the two peered review articles each paragraph has to have peered citied work in them.p(2)

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Child Labor

Child Labor

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