protein-peptide docking

protein-peptide docking. protein-peptide docking. how are you
please try to make the change as my proff comment . he wrote some comment on the right of the word and i add some change all by green highlight . on yellow that u can add . Also, there is one picture to see what you should do under the table or figures ( see the image that i sent with the word
. pleses try to send it back to me next week by tuesday or thursday because there is no time. i should be graduate
thank u so much .

Your "Results" section is fine. Your "Discussion" section (pg 48) is a problem because there’s no connection between it and the "Introduction, "Materials and Methods" and "results" sections. You need to re-write your "Discussion" section along the lines I suggested,

1. On average, Vina works okay about 47% of the time and produces poses to within 2.9 angstroms of x-ray structures
2. Vina almost always fails on large peptides (8 residues or more)
3. On average, PLANTS works okay about 51% of the time and produces poses to within about 2.6 angstroms of x-ray structures
4. PLANTS almost always fails on large peptides (7 residues or more)
5. Better docking programs are needed to solve the protein-peptide docking problem, especially for peptides larger than 7 or 8 residues

You should also discuss if different peptide properties (Tables 4 and 5) correlate with or influence best rmsd pose values (Tables 2 and 3). For example, there’s a pretty strong correlation between number of acceptors and pose rmsd.

Basically, you need to look for patterns in your results and show how they support conclusions.

Every column header in a table needs to be defined and discussed. For example,

ACC stands for hydrogen bond acceptors and DON stands for hydrogen bond donors. You need to make this clear to the reader. Every table, figure, etc. should include a title and caption that explains and summarizes the table. In fact, the reader should be able to understand the paper by just reading and analyzing the tables, figures, etc.

For help on writing good tables and figures, see some good journal articles.


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protein-peptide docking

protein-peptide docking

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