Chemical ingredients or hazards

Chemical ingredients or hazards. Chemical ingredients or hazards. FST 421 – Adulteration Writing Assignment – 120 points


Objective:  Write a critical, evidence-based perspective on the impact of science, technology, and society on an issue related to food adulteration.


Our lives revolve around food.  We often schedule our social lives around meals and beverage breaks, and celebrate significant accomplishments with food and drink.  However, food production is not a philanthropic enterprise; it is a business.  Therefore, there must be some balance between profitability, quality, and safety.  Your goal is to present a thorough, but concise (3 page maximum, single-spaced, not including references), critical perspective on how science, technology, and society have impacted the legal status of a selected topic related to food adulteration.


What is a perspective?

A perspective is the mental state that combines available facts and personal ideas to shape a meaningful whole to the individual.  A perspective is an individual’s attempt to make sense of a subject as a whole.  It can be assembled from opinions, beliefs, and observations, but for this assignment it must also include information from a variety of reference materials (see below) to support (or contradict) your perspective.



Your evidence must include at least two of the following types of references:

  • Statute (as public law or as codified in USC)
  • Regulation (Federal Register or as codified in CFR)
  • Court Case


Your “evidence” must also include at least one of the following types of references:

  • Mainstream journalistic media (vetted source: newspaper, radio, etc.)
  • “Knowledgeable”/”Respectable” websites (professional sites/blogs)
  • Social media/web (non-vetted; consumer perspective)

Your paper will be evaluated on the following criteria:





  • Ability to communicate your perspective about the selected topic (60 pts).You must effectively communicate your opinion about the legal status of your topic.  This must include your perspective on how science, technology, and society have impacted the legal status that you are discussing (good, bad, or otherwise).
  • Appropriate audience (15 pts).  This perspective should be written to a peer in FST 421 (i.e., at least basic college-level science background and the legal knowledge gained in this course).
  • References and citations (15 pts).  You must include references as indicated above.  There is not a mandated format; however, you are expected to provide citations and a bibliography/reference section in a manner that would allow the reader to identify and locate the reference.
  • Overall writing quality (30 pts). Your paper needs to be organized, including a logical flow and suitable transitions.  Your perspective should be clear and understandable.  Proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling are expected.  Does not exceed the maximum of 3 pages, single-spaced (do not let the short length of this paper mislead you; shorter papers require you to be more thoughtful in your word selection and organization).  To receive the full 30 points for this section, the paper would be essentially ready for publication.


You have 3 broad topic options for this writing assignment.  Below are the three broad topics and a few examples of specific topics that could fall under each category.   We will brainstorm additional ideas in class today.

Chemical ingredients or hazards (Due: Sunday, February 21, 11:59 PM)

  1. Non-nutritive sweeteners
  2. Acrylamide and fried foods
  3. The Delaney Clause
  4. Irradiated food
  5. Organic foods


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Chemical ingredients or hazards

Chemical ingredients or hazards

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