Chemical engineering laboratory Tray and Packed

Chemical engineering laboratory Tray and Packed. Chemical engineering laboratory Tray and Packed. 9 documents are attached, divided into:
– 3 main documents, 4 sub documents & 2 example documents. At start; (suggestion) go through them all for general overview and understanding of the problem.

The main documents:
1) the problem sheet; a brief about the experiment and what is required (determine objectives, there are questions to be answered, Require solving). Please give explanation with justification supported with calculations. In addition to considering the other documents in order to compare measured data with theoretical values. Explain (i.e. discuss) and compare (practical vs theory and why) 
2) Measurements sheet; an excel sheet with measurements of the parameters of the experiment. In addition to observations. The experiments were performed over 3 days (check tabs). Requires investigation and continuing of calculation, tables and establishing graphs. support with theoretical calculation such as efficiencies which should be mentioned under results and discussion when writing the lab report. (Please show diagrams, errors, uncertainty and efficiencies). (The results obtained from this document should be compared to the theoretical results and mentioned as discussion points for showing an understanding). 
3) General instructions of writing the lab report. However, this document is very important because it gives an idea of how the report should be written. In addition to the assessment and grading criteria (Please check in order to achieve high 1st class standard level).

The sub documents:
Represents extra points that should be used for justifications. adding other points for justifications outside these documents is fine.

The 2 example documents:
1) Is an example of a report that was written for similar experiment that was done in different periods with different measurements and objectives by different people. 
2) Is an example of theory similar to this experiment.
These two documents are only uploaded as examples/samples, because they were written for different experiment, objectives and done by different people.


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Chemical engineering laboratory Tray and Packed

Chemical engineering laboratory Tray and Packed

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