Chem draw assignment

Chem draw assignment. Chem draw assignment. Chemistry 201 Spring 2017 ChemDraw Assignment 1 Due during the third week lab meetings (February 14/15) 1. Using ChemDraw, draw structures of 15 neutral organic molecules, each containing six to ten carbon atoms and at least two of the following structural features:
• a nitrogen atom • an oxygen atom • a halogen atom • a double bond • a triple bond • a ring. Each of these structural features must appear in at least FIVE different molecules

In addition, your molecules should comply with the following conditions: • Five of the molecules should be drawn using condensed structures, and the rest using skeletal structures. • No more than five molecules should have the same number of carbon atoms • Two molecules cannot differ just in the number of carbon atoms • Molecules should not contain atoms not mentioned above (hydrogens are OK! ).

• All structures must be created by you from scratch, i.e. they cannot be structures of any wellknown chemicals, drugs, natural products, etc. 2. a) For one of the molecules from problem 1 that contains a triple bond create a ball-and-stick 3D model using Chem3D. b) For one of the molecules from problem 1 that contains a ring create a space-filled 3D model using Chem3D. c) Using ChemDraw, calculate the molecular formula and molecular weight of the molecule from problem 1 that contains the largest number of heteroatoms (i.e., atoms other than carbon and hydrogen). Paste your answer below the structure. d) Using ChemDraw name the molecule from problem 1 that has the largest number of carbons. Paste your answer below the structure. 3. Draw a skeletal structure and create a 3D model of an antibiotic of your choice. Pay attention to a 3D arrangement of the atoms in the structure.
Print your work and turn it in as a hard copy. Please have the problem 1 printed on a separate piece of paper. Make sure to save your ChemDraw file as you will have an opportunity to make corrections to your work and we will continue working with the fifteen molecules from problem 1 throughout the semeste

Make corrections to your 15 molecules (problem 1 of the Assignment 1) as indicated on your assignment. You will use this set of 15 molecules for all following ChemDraw assignments, and incorrect molecules will not be counted in the future assignments. Two types of corrections were made: • Errors (marked with red ink): 50% of the points will be awarded for each correction • Unstable structures (marked with green ink): 100% of the points will be awarded for each correction Make all the corrections in your ChemDraw file, print it, and submit with your graded original work. Make small changes, so not to introduce new errors into your molecules. All corrections are due before class on Wednesday, April 5. Typical errors and unstable structures are listed below.

Errors (marked with red ink):  Known molecules were drawn  Required atoms or bonds are missing (need two different structural features per molecule)  Fewer than six carbon atoms  Incorrect number of bonds  Charged atoms or missing lone pairs  Heteroatoms other than N, O, or halogens  Skeletal or condensed structures are missing  Multiple bonds are not shown in condensed structures  C-H bonds are shown in condensed structures  Carbon atoms are labeled in skeletal structures
Unstable structures (marked with green ink):  OH is attached to a carbon atom with another heteroatom

 OH is attached to a carbon-carbon double bond (OK on a benzene ring)

 Bromine or iodine attached to a carbon-oxygen double bond

 O – Halogen bond  N – Halogen bond  O – O bond  Two or more N – N bonds in a row  Carbon-carbon triple bond in a ring with fewer than nine carbons  Several carbon-carbon double bonds in a row in a ring


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Chem draw assignment

Chem draw assignment

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