Changes in Drug Culture

Changes in Drug Culture. Changes in Drug Culture. For you final paper, please choose ONE of the following questions and answer it in a 5-7 page APA or MLA formatted paper. Your paper will be matched against SafeAssign (so I can check for plagiarism).
You must cite at least 3 sources and include a Reference Cited page at the end (which does NOT count as one of your 5-7 pages). Your sources must be mixed (i.e. journal articles, news articles, films, websites, books, or even the text book) and come from your annotated bibliography. You CANNOT turn in a references cited page with only websites links. Do not include the annotations (summary paragraphs) in your final paper Reference Cited page; only list the full APA or MLA references on the References Cited page.
The references must be in proper APA/MLA style or you will lose points. ALL QUOTES must be cited in the body of your essay in proper APA style (ie Grim, 2013, p. 11) or MLA style (Grim 2013: 11). If you do not cite direct quotes properly, you will be liable for plagiarism (i.e. you CANNOT cut and paste quotes off the Internet without citing who said them because SafeAssign will pick this up and I will be able to tell you plagiarized–even if it was unintentional). Be sure you provide an in-text citation for every fact you include.
We will go over essay structure and what I expect in your papers, as we get closer to the end of term.

1. Changes in Drug Culture (Essay Topic )

How has drug culture changed—in the US and New York City, in particular—from the 1950s until now? Be sure to include types of drugs commonly used, societal/media perceptions of drugs and drug use, and changes in drug policies.

Start with introduction, then outline in the introduction:

1950-1960-Psychedelic Eras
1970-Heroin Era
2000-Prescription Era

Talk about conduct drugs users, key player, social factor, culture, media, and drug policies.


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Changes in Drug Culture

Changes in Drug Culture

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