Case study provided

Case study provided. Case study provided. To produce an integrated Financial Plan that comments on the issues identified in the case study. Other information can be found on the CFP and CISI websites. There are no specific examples of completed financial plans that will be approved and PASS the assessment.

You will need conduct your own research to confirm what will be needed to PASS the coursework.

The coursework is assessed on a PASS or fail outcome.

“Candidates will be provided with a case study where the client(s) to be advised are either retired or pre-retired. A confidential questionnaire is also supplied with the case study which provides further information. Candidates should prepare a financial plan for the clients on the basis of the information provided in the case study, which will be assessed against the assessment standards. It is important that all candidates spend sufficient time studying the assessment standards in detail before they begin the process of creating the financial plan. This will help candidates to understand what is required of them in writing and submitting their plan. Assessment standards can be found in the CFP certification handbook.”

This is the qualification website.

This is the UK version of the FPSB CFP Qualification.

I have estimated this to take 24 pages. As there is no guideline on length from the assessors.

If there is a legitimate need to make the financial plan longer. I will consider increasing the number of pages and adding charts if justified.
If you have questions or need clarifications please let me know. Please ensure that the math is correct and that the correct tax rates are used. There certifications guidelines are in the handbook.

The text book chapter 3 provides:
Components of the financial plan.
Making recommendations
Be very clear about any assumptions

Where financial products are being recommended, these products can be referred to generically in the financial plan. It is not necessary to provide full details of the intended product at this stage, although the financial plan should state an appropriate cost of the premium or the amount to be invested. (With an appropriate caveat for any protection products stating that the quoted premium is based on standard terms and could increase as a result of underwriting).

Place detailed and complicated calculations in the appendices.

Often a combination of financial products and rearranging the clients financial affairs will be necessary for a financial plan.

Signpost additional documents to support the recommended course of action. Such as key features documents of post-sale illustrations.

If you make recommendations that change the clients tax position. Include ‘post-recommendation’ tax calculations in the financial plan to support these recommendations.

You must use the client objectives that are given in the case study and not change them. Even if the clients cannot achieve all of their goals and objectives.
The financial plan should also included a detailed action plan highlighting the recommendations ad related actions and explaining the next steps required, who is accountable for implementing those steps and a target date for completion.

All of this is played out in the certification requirements and also Chapter 3.
Discipline: Financial Planning


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Case study provided

Case study provided

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