Case Study: Less Pollution

Case Study: Less Pollution. Case Study: Less Pollution. Purpose
To assess your ability to:
Formulate a solution to a business problem using confidence intervals.
Compute confidence intervals given sample data.
Interpret confidence intervals within the given context.
Locate the Case Study: Do Newer Wood Stoves Produce Less Pollution? in your textbook on page 335-336. You will use confidence intervals to solve the business problem presented there. For your convenience the data given in this problem is also given here as an Excel spreadsheet: Week9-Pollution Data. You can use Excel or a TI calculator to work this problem.
Action Items
Read the case study problem presented on page 335-336 in your textbook. The Week9-Pollution Data in the problem is also given here as an Excel spreadsheet for your convenience. You can use this Excel spreadsheet while working the problem.
Read the questions 1 through 5 and type your answers on a Word document. If you use your calculator to get the answers, include the calculator comments in your answer. If you use Excel to find the answers, include the Excel formula.
Use full sentences to report your answers. A simple “yes” or “no” is NOT enough!
The assignment should be typed in a single Word document with your name on it.
Submit your completed Word document.


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Case Study: Less Pollution

Case Study: Less Pollution

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