Case Study Assignment

Case Study Assignment. Case Study Assignment. This assignment does not require that you include your updated Part 2 of the assignment. You are, however, required to include your revised Part 1 of the assignment. This part of the assignment includes the following sections including the revised Part 1: 1. Include revised Part 1 of your assignment This is required so that it can be checked whether the analysis as a whole is consistent. You should consider the comments made on your assignment and modify Part 1 accordingly. Unlike in Part 2, it will not be marked, but is a useful exercise for final analyses in this assignment (Part 3). 2. Normalise your ERD (3rd Normal Form) Examine the lectures for some ideas about normalisation. If you cannot see how you might normalise your ERD, have a look in your textbook. You can also refer to other texts in the library on the topic, particularly read textbooks in database design area. 3. Develop Use Case Diagrams for the new system Think about core stakeholders and/or sub-systems in identifying core features of your system. Core stakeholders might well be presenting core events that represent the essence of your system. Think about other models that you have developed which reflect the essential or core purpose/s of the system. Your Use Cases and Use Case Diagrams should match those models. You can have several use case diagrams (typically from 1 – 3) for each assignment case. 4. Specify Use Case Descriptions for some (minimum of two) important Use Cases You should follow the template from your lecture notes / textbook to describe each use case. 5. Develop the Class Diagram for your system Don’t forget to think about the models with which the Class Diagram should match. 6. Develop an Activity Diagram (AD) for one Use Case in your system Don’t forget to think about the models with which the AD should match. 7. Develop a sequence diagram (SD) for one Use Case in your system Don’t forget to think about the models with which the SD should match. 8. Develop a State Machine Diagram (SMD) for a Class in your system You should select an important class, and make sure that you draw SMD for one class only. Also, think about what other models the SMD should be consistent with. 9. Quality Assurance Statement Quality Assurance is the activity where you describe the qualifying activities you perform to ensure that your assignment presents models that match each other and offer a cohesive picture of the case study analysis. You need to describe the steps you have taken to ensure that all models matched and added to the story. Notice: Most of the works its about Diagrams using by visio .


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Case Study Assignment

Case Study Assignment

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