Case Executive Summary

Case Executive Summary. Case Executive Summary. Case Executive Summary


. Case Executive Summary (125 Points)
One of the main objectives of this course is to help you gain proficiency in analyzing problems and decisions via the case method. You will be required to turn in four case executive summaries for a case analysis during the semester. NOT ALL CASES ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT.
Eligible cases are marked by an asterisk (*) in the Course Schedule.

The goal of the written case analysis is to improve your ability to strategically think and to prepare you for the team project. Each case has associated focus questions. These questions are helpful in case analysis, but the final report may identify other issues and decisions that you deem important. In fact, I strongly encourage you to think beyond the questions that I provide. Appendix A contains more information about the specifics of the Executive Summary format.

Each of these cases will involve decision making—this is the crux of strategy. In these cases, individuals (directors, executives, managers, etc.) will need to make decisions (either a single decision or multiple decisions). In some cases, these decisions will be clearer than in other cases.

You should understand that there is no “right” answer to these cases. As such, I will grade these based on the information that you present to support your recommendations. Please see the attached grading form that will be used to assess the executive summary (Appendix B). Each case executive summary will comprise 125 points.

The executive summary should be no longer than one page (single-spaced, 12-point font, and 1-inch margins), excluding any exhibits that you would like to include. Case executive summary must be submitted to Blackboard (under “Assignment”“Case Executive Summary”). The assignments must be turned in before class begins. I will not accept assignments turned in after class begins.
Your name should not appear on this document. The penalty for any paper with a name on it is -10 points. Please include only your ASU Affiliate ID. The penalty for the late submission is also – 25 points.


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Case Executive Summary

Case Executive Summary

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